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There Are No Mistakes

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I have an amazing story to share and I’m so thankful it unfolded the way that it did.

I applied for the permits in Maui for the renovation and re-roofing of SoulSpace Ranch (which as you know from my last entry we’ve renamed Ke-Ao Lanihuli).  When I applied for the permits, I put “Yoga Retreat” in the blank space when asked to indicate the proposed use and occupancy.  I received feedback on the permits in the form of a letter from the County of Maui. There was a very long list of corrections and additions to the permit because I was “changing” the use of the property from Dormitory to Yoga Retreat.

Around the same time that the letter came – Jason met a couple “Donna and Marc,” who grew up on Maui and knew a lot of people in the county offices.

They took it upon themselves to investigate the status of my application and the issues that had come up and found out that if I were to go down to the county offices and cross out “yoga retreat” and write in “dormitory,” all the conditions would be waived and I could get my permits.  So that’s exactly what I did –

And within a week I got my permits for re-roofing.

When I was down there, someone from the county went on-line to review all permits and outstanding issue with the property. They asked me I hadn’t responded to the September 2009 letter that the county issued.

I said that I didn’t know anything about the letter because I didn’t own the property until November 2009.  He printed out the correspondence and we read it together. Essentially, it said that the county would honor the dormitory status if the new owner could prove that the property had been in existence since 1992 (when the certificate of occupancy was given) as a dormitory and there was no period greater than 12 months where it has been used for any other purpose.

It may sound inconsequential, but bear in mind that if I were able to prove the status and demonstrate that the use was not changing there would be no new building code requirements placed on my permits. I also wouldn’t have to apply for a special use permit.  Simply put, it would make my life MUCH easier.

I started making calls and reached out to Maui Land & Pineapple Company, the former owners of the property who had gone out of business. I was connected to “Eunice” in the records department who promised me that she would look into the matter.

Bear in mind, if this was going to work out in our favor the county required paid bills for utilities, food, etc. for every month and every year since 1992.  Eunice worked diligently on the project and completed it within a month’s time. She explained that the balance of the information that I needed was housed in a building that was slated to be demolished with most of the paperwork still inside. Had she not tracked it down when she did it would have been gone within a matter of days. I’m so grateful to her and the “mistake” that led to the flagging of my permit application.

So I extend a heartfelt and deeply held “thank you” to Donna, Marc and Eunice for showing up on my path to make the process, the restoration and the dream that much easier for everyone involved.

I can honestly say that I’ve never quite had the experience of people selflessly wanting to help others the way I have in Maui.

And I’m reminded once again that there no mistakes.  Next time you see or hear what you think is a mistake it’s time to listen closer and allow for the clarity of what to do next to be revealed.  Then, alter your approach.  Make a course “correction”. But do it free of any judgment.

Just turn the wheel.

Gently —

Purposefully —

Authentically —

And get back on the path that takes you closer to the realization and actualization of your dreams.

That’s what I did. So far, so good.


There are no mistakes.  Only discoveries.

Yours in the journey,


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  1. 1 Jeannine Henry said at 6:55 am on July 17th, 2010:

    Hi Xoirn, thank you for sharing your journey and I am excited about your new adventure in Maui. Hi to Norm.
    Jeannine (norm’s sister)

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