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breathe + stretch

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We’re already over a month into the new year and I’ve been diligently sticking to my list of resolutions.  First and foremost?  Yoga.  For the past many months I been hard at work building a beautiful yoga school where students can become teachers, and people from the local community can stop in to take classes.  Meanwhile, like so many people, I can get so swept away by my busy work schedule that I lose sight of why I am working so hard in the first place.

This year, I pledged to remember that if I keep my body strong and healthy, I will be able to give and receive love.  If I keep my mind focused and pure, I will be able to use my imagination and my creativity to keep designing and creating.  By practicing yoga, I not only take care of myself.   I take care of my entire world.

green + design

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The Cooper-Heitt National Design Museum wrapped up their Fourth National Design Triennial last month, where they examined how hot-button ideas like energy and community intersect with contemporary design, with an eye towards being green as well as gorgeous.

Did anyone check it out?  Drop me a line at xorin@templehome.net and let me know what you thought.

water + watercress

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Photo by Sandra Bark

I had the off-the-beaten-path opportunity to tour a watercress farm in Maui that abuts the raging Pacific Ocean.  The vegetables are planted in tiered beds that used to be full of taro crops, making this farm not only breathtakingly beautiful but a true piece of history.  The farmer has been working this historic plot of land for fifty years.


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Whether we are at home or at work, the space in which we move informs the way we react, think, behave. What can you do to make your office more beautiful and more functional?

Here, Inc. takes a look at some of the world’s coolest offices.


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Wallpaper covers wallpaper and fabrics at Frankfurt’s Heimtextil 2011, where more than 2,600 companies reportedly showed off their wares in galleries with themes like “sobriety” and “wilderness.”


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Wide White Space @ the Wattis in San Francisco opened on January 20 and will run through February 5.  Stop in and see how graphic artists tangle with the open spaces that exist within galleries to turn emptiness into somethingness.

Cozy Vandalism

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Image by evolofoto

I love to hike in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, where the walk up to the observatory gives me time for contemplation as well as exercise. So I was charmed to see the latest sartorial addition to the Griffith Park family this week—a warm and cozy sweater that someone knit for the bear that “guards” one of the park’s entrances.

Design + The Future

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If you’re in San Francisco this weekend, check out Compostmodern 2011. This interdisciplinary conference will investigate the ways we can transform the future—and our lives—through sustainable design.

Then and Now

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The newswires are awash with stories of the old meeting the new, the then banging up against the now:  Kate’s blue engagement ring and impending nuptials to William; modern art at Versailles; introducing classical music to the avant garde…

We’re already half way through the first month of 2011, a new year in a still-pretty-new century, what a beautiful time to consider how we can introduce a fresh slant on old favorites.  so re-upholster your favorite old sofa with a crisp modern fabric; find a new way to walk to work; introduce some new friends to some old friends…

What kind of freshness can you bring to the familiar?


“modern art at Versailles”:

“introducing classical music to the avant garde…”:

This Old House

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As many of you know, in addition to designing projects for clients I also buy properties to renovate and resell.  For the past few months, I’ve been looking at one house in particular.  Just the other day I checked it out again and realized that I truly loves the architecture and would like to give the house a new lease on life.

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