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As One Journey Ends Another Begins: An Open Letter – Part 2

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I’m not used to asking for help.  For the last 30 years I’ve managed to create an amazing life with a wide array of resources at my disposal. All of a sudden, I find myself building something that is bigger than me in every way. I’m a player in a cosmic game, following my inner guidance moment to moment.

Manifesting from this place is essential. With every fiber of my being I believe that it’s the only way this project will come into being. What is being created truly comes from pure intention and from the deepest reservoir of love imaginable. “Moment to moment” is the only way it can be done so that my ego mind does not get in the way.

In the past, I’ve tried to be there for others to support them on their leg of the journey. I realize that this was not purely altruistic as it was also serving me in a big way. Having the proverbial shoe on the other foot and needing to ask for something is not a feeling I’m used to.

So in addition to sharing my journey I’m writing to ask each and every one of you if you can think of anyone you know who might be interested in supporting our vision and becoming a partner in this transformational property that we’re creating. I’ve trusted thus far and spent most of my own money buying and renovating the property.

There’s still more work to be done before completion. I’m looking for an investor (or a group of investors) to raise the balance of the funds that I need. I’ll happily provide specific details to any qualified parties who contact me directly. I’ve already spent $5 million and was hoping that my home would sell before I needed to secure additional capital.

You read that last part correctly; in order to make this happen, I’ve put the Sowden House on the market.

This is unfamiliar territory for me. In a way, I’m convinced that my soul intended for it to turn out this way to allow me to experience a level of vulnerability unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.  At the same time, so many amazing people are showing up; from healers and teachers to shamans and Hawaiian elders. They’re offering incredible blessings for all that I am doing. It humbles me and energizes this process in ways I never thought possible.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in discussing this opportunity further please contact me at xorin@templehome.net. Either way, I am truly grateful for your time in reading this letter and deeply appreciate the authentic moments and genuine love we have shared thus far.

When we open later this year I hope that you’ll come to visit and tell your friends and family about us. It will be a place where you’ll be welcomed as family to reconnect with Mother Earth and the beauty that lives within you. At Nalu Ola you’ll experience a vacation through the soul through the environment we’ll create and the service we’ll provide.

I extend heartfelt blessings to each of you on your journey.

Until we meet again.

With love,


One Comment on “As One Journey Ends Another Begins: An Open Letter – Part 2”

  1. 1 Danielle Bergan said at 12:59 pm on May 4th, 2011:

    Aloha Xorin, I love the 2 part article and just read it. I was thinking of your project today and came to your website.

    I do hope you find a suitable investor who can help make your dream a reality. It is a beautiful property and I enjoyed viewing it up close with Greg Mabel last winter.

    Once you do complete the project KilaKila can be there to help with the rest in terms of its operation.

    I do look forward to meeting you someday soon.

    Danielle Bergan

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