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As One Journey Ends Another Begins: An Open Letter – Part 1

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This article originally appear in the Huffington Post.


My Dearest Friends and Associates,

I’m writing to share some incredible news.  As a select group of you already know (and many of you are just learning about for the first time) I am in the process of relocating to Maui. Not only is my company TempleHome opening a satellite office on the island, but we are a part of creating a truly remarkable new development. I will be heading up our new Maui office and overseeing the vision of this project.

After 30 years of living in Los Angeles the time has come for me to move on and pursue the next leg of my life’s journey, dream and mission.  I now see that the past 30 years have been a deep training period for what it is that I am about to step into. My experiences in this city have been remarkable. They have fulfilled an incredible part of my dreams and aspirations thus far.

If I never told you personally, I am so grateful for every experience we ever shared no matter how deep our connection was or is. Every individual I’ve encountered here left an indelible mark on me; a psychic imprint. These are memories that I will carry with me on the next leg of this journey called life.

The past 3 decades have prepared me for what is being made manifest in Maui. I am creating a wellness institute. A place to renew and restore. An institute for higher education and awareness through various entry points where some can take classes and others can pursue teacher certification in a host of different modalities.

We found the most extraordinary property to carry out this vision. Originally built in 1909, its purpose at the time was as a convalescent center for the infirm and elderly. In a way, we’re honoring that primary objective but transforming it into a convalescent center for the soul. We’re calling it Nalu Ola (the Wave of Life).

When this property became available I knew that my life was about to change in the most profound way imaginable.

Think of it as an alternative type of vacation destination; a place for those who want to “check in” as opposed to “check out” or retreat. There will be a host of options to explore the island with Kapunas and spiritual teachers in order to truly take in the natural wonders that abound in the lush and tropical locale.

It will be somewhere where visitors can bathe in the beauty of architecture and design, eat from our organic gardens and work with healers and practitioners that have studied and practiced for over 20 years.  Gathering these healers and giving them a place to teach and share their knowledge in a setting whose beauty matches the essence of their souls is one of the most important things I will have ever accomplished in my life. Like me, they are all truly committed serving others.

My fondest memories and most unforgettable Los Angeles experiences took place in my home. For the past 10 years I’ve been blessed to have lived in Sowden House, originally built by architect Lloyd Wright in 1926. Every day, I got the chance to bathe in the beauty of this place. The one thing I always loved to do was share it with others.

Anyone who ever visited could attest to a profound and peaceful energy in my home. It was fun for me to be an observer as I gathered friends and the larger human family at events and parties.  The space always held everyone in such a beautiful way and I loved watching as strangers came together to experience new connections.

Now I get to do the same thing in Maui, in a much bigger way. I do it with an intention to be of service. I do it to offer others a place in which they can rest, restore and remember who they truly are. This will be where they can connect to the deepest part of themselves through beauty, high quality service and the specialty offerings that my team and I are putting together.

Our “restoration center” sits on 6 acres of land. We’ll be turning 2 of those acres into an edible garden to create a definitive farm-to-table culinary experience.  So many of us are too far removed from where our food source originates that I wanted to ensure we were reconnecting with the land in a profound way.  Mother Earth holds so much healing power for us and we’ve shown her a lack of respect for far too long.

The land our property sits on in particular has an amazing energy. We’ve been doing blessings with Hawaiian Kapunas (spiritual masters) as we restore the land and the buildings.  We also understand that through the intention of restoration and love this energy will be felt by all who come to stay and experience at this beautiful sanctuary.

We have ocean views from all the rooms and we are only 2.5 miles from the best beaches and water sports on the island.  We’ll be offering yoga studies, metaphysical studies and water sports training programs in addition to basic room and board in a luxury environment.

I feel so honored and blessed to find myself in the midst of this transition, helping to manifest such a glorious project.

3 Comments on “As One Journey Ends Another Begins: An Open Letter – Part 1”

  1. 1 sharleen chesledon said at 3:22 pm on May 23rd, 2011:

    Today on my way home I stopped to visit Nalu Ola. The sense of purpose and vision is palpable. Welcome to Maui and to the neighborhood; thank you for responding to the call. I found your website, blog, book. I’m inspired and feel a deep resonance with what is indeed “a glorious project.”

  2. 2 Nicole brandt said at 9:36 pm on May 24th, 2011:

    Sounds truley amazing.. I look forward to seeing this magical place… Love and light always..

  3. 3 Rhonda J. Felix said at 11:06 pm on June 17th, 2011:


    Namaste’…….”The Light within me salutes the Light within you”…….I look forward to working on our journey together.


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